Monday, October 22, 2012


So this is a little preview of most of the stuff I have bought (spent all my money on) off etsy! I am so friggen excited to get it all it's a bit of a joke and holy moley it was all so cheap! I calculated that all together each item when averaged out costed me $27 each which is pretty bloody good considering I have a whole new wardrobe now and it's all sick ass old school shiznit. 
Obsessions at the moment: corduroy, old school caps, sequins, metalic, netted clothing, mesh, floral summer dresses and more!!! 
Ah not even sad/angry that I spent all my money on this stuff because it's just all so beautiful!!! So excited to get it in the mail woohoo!
On another note: i'm going to my farm on saturday because my friend who is in the film industry is shooting a video clip of a boy band up there! So i'm going to go up so it's not awkward for her, the boys and my grandma lolol.
Also apparently they're all hotties woohoo!!

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